Welkom bij Kroese exclusieve verpakkingen! Meer dan 3.500 verschillende doosjes op voorraad, cirka 4.600 artikelen in het assortiment. Geen levering aan particulieren.

Creativiteit, design en kwaliteit in de wereld van verpakkingen!

Kroese behoort al meer dan 50 jaar tot de toonaangevende aanbieders/fabrikanten van luxe verpakkingen, bonbonverpakkingen, bonbondoosjes, kadoverpakkingen, decoraties, linten, corsages, zakjes, paasartikelen, kerstartikelen, transparante verpakkingen, micaboxen en verpakkingen op maat gemaakt.

Vandaag de dag beleveren wij de Kroese produkten naar meer dan 23 landen in verschillende continenten. Tot onze klanten behoren vooraanstaande bedrijven m.n. in de sector, Patisserie, Chocolaterie, Bakkerij, Hotel en Restaurant, Cosmetica, Communicatiebureau's, en Geschenken (GEEN LEVERING AAN PARTICULIEREN).

Maak kennis met onze produkten en vertrouw op ons als partner om samen succes te behalen!

Met vriendelijke groet,


Rogier M. Kroese

'Hebben we, kunnen we, doen we!'


Clic Clac box pvc for 1 logochocolate

Finally we have it. For all of you who make or sell logochocolates


We added for you, a new range of woodenboxes. Great as a giftbox or chocolatebox.

Mica boxes - pvc transparant boxes

Lots of sizes on standard and on stock. Also we make them according to your measurement starting from 1,000 pcs.

Luxury packing Love Hearts

several sizes, in 2 colours, with white or pink hearts as print, as a chocolatebox or giftbox.

Marquis boxes

in 7 colours and 2 sizes. As caketray, cookiesbox, macaronpackaging

Already partly online S K Y L I N E BOXES

More than 400 different ones. Many sizes en colours. New colours in shiny: yellow, red, brown, creme, black, brown, applegreen and mossgreen.

Packaging for your bars of chocolate!

Interessed in an assortment of 24 colours of packaging for all your bars of chocolate?

Take Away Box transparant

the take away boxes, portable, in 5 sizes. With gold, silver or black board.

Bamboo boxes

in 4 sizes. 2 sizes in 6 colours, the other 2 in 2 colours. Nice as a box for chocolates or giftpackaging

Cubeboxes laque, added 7 new colours and in 6 sizes

in glossy outside, with goldshine interior. The chocolatebox for you or as giftbox, giftpackaging or luxury packaging. For appr.  125gr, 250gr, 375gr , 500gr , 750gr en 1000grams

The Cacao chocolate boxes series

A very beautifull hi-tech print, boxes in rectangular as well as square, also ribbon with same print available. 9 different sizes in total. Suitable as chocolate packaging.

New Tubes Prestige

the new round tubes Prestige. Available in 6 sizes and 7 colours. Nice as giftpackaging, chocolateboxes or giftbox. To give your product that special attention.

The Travel and Adventure boxes

Several sizes, also smaller bags with this design.


Special offers of on Easter items.

Easter Graphic Serie 2013

Now online, new!  Ribbon with the same design also available

Ribbon Spring Easter SPECIAL OFFER

special offers on stock ribbon, only in this combination, pack of 5 rolls. Can only be orderd one time.

Flowerpicks Easter- Spring- Summer

Artificial Flowerpicks, to decorate your boxes and to give it that extra dimension.

Cacao Chocolate bags

in 2 sizes, 3 colours, fully laminated.

etage boxes, new line in bronze

Just addesd new line in bronze, apart from the series in gold, silver and in chocolate brown. Several shapes and sizes. The chocolatepackaging or giftpackaging to impress your friends!

Ribbon with text and graphic

More than 300 new ribbons with text. 2 different qualities, ribanbel and double face satin. All in 2 widths. The new extra standard program. Own production.

Metal box chocolat nostalgic

metal boxes with chocolat design, as giftbox or chocolatebox, set of 2

ALWAYS ONLINE! Standard ribbons

Tafeta ribbons, organza ribbons, plain color ribbons, satin edge ribbons and printed ribbons with standard text or graphics which we print ourselves. All in several widths and many colors!

New Rigid boxes in darkbruin with magnetclosing

on stock, you can order them already. 12 different boxes.

NEW Skyline coloms x 1, x 2, x 3

2 new heights available, not online yet but already on stock and deliverable. Now in total 3 sizes in height available, H115, H180mm, H245mm. 33 colours of top en bottom. Nice as macaron packaging.

Empire boxes

beautifully lined and styled boxes, already made up so no more folding for you, available on stock for one or two rows of chocolates, in 4 sizes and 24 colours. As chocolatebox or gifbox.

Macaron boxes in 4 sizes and 7 colour combinations

already put up. Beautifull to wrap up your collection of macarons. The macaronboxes!

Shipping box small in white

Shipping box in white for sending by normal post, suitable for your mailbox. We supply them only if you have or buy from us the innerboxes (126x126x24mm), on stock in 28 colours.


Cube boxes Duo, in 6 sizes, 7 colours, already on stock, 125 grams, 250, 375, 500, 750 and 1.000 grams. In colourcombinations, Monaco (silver-orange), Paris ( black-fuchsia), Hollywood(taupe-pink), Kreta(brown-turquoise), Bali (brown-lime) and Djerba(purple-copper) and Cairo ( ivory-caramel). Special WOW-effect by it's shiny interior. Outside is mat coated(silky touch). The modern giftbox, chocolatebox, giftpackaging.

Dali boxes DUO - 2 sizes - put up already- online

In 7 colourcombinations, Monaco (silver-orange), Paris ( black-fuchsia), Hollywood(taupe-pink), Kreta(brown-turquoise), Bali (brown-lime) and Djerba(purple-copper) Cairo ( ivorysand-caramel). Special WOW-effect by it's shiny sleeve. Outside is mat coated(silky touch). For chocolats or marcarons, through extra inlayer for bottom, 2 heights possible 50mm and 30mm. As chocolate packaging or giftboxes

Cubebox Landscape

Cubeboxes in 2 sizes, for appr. 250 grams and 500 grams contents. The modern giftbox, chocolatebox, giftpackaging.

The Bilbao serie

The Bilbao series comes in 2 sizes, each in 24 colours, standard a stock item. As chocolate box or gift packaging.

Windowbox - 4 truffles - 28 colours

Now also for 4 truffles, standard in stock in 28 colours, just like the other windowboxes 60x60x30mm. (22 colours already online, packed by 25 pcs.)

Flat boxe with carton lid

These chocolate boxes can be made in 2 sizes:126x126x24 and 175x175x24mm innersize. Small one starting at 300 pcs, large one at 200 pcs. You can choose yourself the color of bottom and lid.( 24 colors).

PVC boxes, butterflyclosing for 1 or 2 chocs

New and on stock, click on image.

We print your LOGO!
Print your feelings in gold!

To enhance the force of your product, your name or logo can be printed on carton or transparant material like pvc. This extra touch gives that exclusive image to the packaging and your name.

For more information, please feel free to contact us. Tel. +31-40-2263531

Special offers!

A special offer for a range of products for very low prices. So act quickly and let us know how many you would like to have and we ship them with your next shipment.

Clear round tubes

Check out our collection of transparant boxes standard on stock. Also rectangular or square ones. Also made to mesure. Volume buyers, please contact first.


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